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Pre-Birthday Happy

In a last-minute decision, I opted to have my birthday party on its actual day (this weekend...during holiday travel for many) instead of next week.

It turns out that a good 75% of my friends will returning to the city from turkey by Saturday. 100% of the people I invited from that group replied promptly with a 'yes'.

I decided to go with the definite 75% on my actual birthday rather than work against holiday party/holiday schedules a week later.

These people are amazing. They all agreed... in a matter of seconds... to 'absolutely' be there without question. 'There' is, without a doubt, my favorite place to 'go out' whenever I do end up 'going out'.

It's a friendly, intimate, warm, and utopian lounge/club that boasts jaw-dropping DJ performances, a fantastic backyard heated garden for smokers (typically European and South American partiers in NY), comfortable and interesting furniture, and the largest collection of friendly beautiful people city-wide. This club's purpose in my life, particularly on Monday nights, has been that to provide paradise for simple few hours. It does it very well.

Then there's my crew. It's tough to list them all without using names, so I'll carve them up with nicknames and mini-CVs.

I'll do that later.

Gotta go meet TallRedhead (formerly Dreamgirl).

5:35 p.m. - 2005-11-23


Sportjacket & Newfound Confidence

I bit the bullet and spent close to 4 hundred bucks on a sportjacket that caught my fancy not long ago.

It's an upscale nameplate for sure, and a classic dark blue with white pinstripes. These pinstripes aren't typical english/suit pattern, but are actually stripes that are about 1.5 inches apart. The fabric is wonderful... soft, exquisite, the lining is eggplant-colored silk, with the outer layer layer boasting the perfect amount of sheen. It's a gorgeous sportjacket.

I'm a firm believer in having limitless budget for nice suits and flagship outfits in every category... and then filling the rest of the wardrobe with 0ld N@vy. You'd be amazed at what you find in that store; just don't buy too much there. Today's turtleneck, for example, was ON. Nobody on this earth could have determined that... especially when it was wrapped in the killer-blazer.

It was wonderful today, this jacket.

1) Hall Brunette - Unlike my last office, the new space shares a floorplate with other companies. It's a much bigger building. There's a digital media company nearby mine that seems to be full of seriously attractive personnel. Long story short, hallway Brunette
is a very pretty girl... though I wouldn't say she's the PRETTIEST of the crew I've seen come out of that office.

She's a gem... reminds me of my college gf, the redhead who got away. Brunette and I often exchange brief glances in passing, except today in the elevator, we said audible hello's to one another.

And then again... in the afternoon, we saw each other a second time today and gave one another childish/sheepish/embarassed grins and made a point of speaking a hello again.

I like when I get a chance to speak. To the average, averagely-educated NYer, I look 'like an Indian'. I make a point of not dressing, grooming, or associating myself ostensibly so, and I've found that the shock value that lies in peoples' expectations of me vs. what I actually deliver... is a very useful thing.

She blushed. She was happy to strike up a rapport, and so was I.

2) Sonia the roommate-friend was a sweet girl, though I don't see us being any more than buddies. If even. She's from Bed-St(u)y and while we might find one another fascinating to a certain degree, this definitely will not last. Still, this jacket (and I) made a huge and very positive impression.

3) There's a third one... but she went home with Barnes. Lovely girl... looked just like Alanis, and we had a tremendous discourse.

I held her attention, you know. Remind me to tip my hairdresser even more the next time.

3:14 a.m. - 2005-11-19


Sonya on a Friday, courtesy of Roommate

Roommate has been tauting the virtues of her co-worker, Sonya, and I was supposed to meet her tonight. Unfortunately plans late into the night are being compromised to just dinner and a few drinks. Still, I look forward to it, and my thoughts going in are worth a mention.

Sonya has two physical, surface-level traits that no woman I dated has ever posessed: 1) Big boobs and 2) Black skin.

Did you feel that? That's the torrent of social stigma that comes crashing in. And the OTHER thing you feel is it getting blindsided by the stigma I certainly suffer from making mention of these two traits in the first place.

The woman is incredible by all valid measures thus far. A D@rtm0uth grad, a former model, and now a special events coordinator with a talent for charming money out of corporations for pro-social causes. Tall, 'beautiful' body, and 'down-home Brooklyn' as she is ivy-league intellectual. Damn. Sonya's also literally (and figurately) has never had Indian before in her life.

Roommate has pumped us both up to each other to the point that this, absolutely, is a blind date. She's even shared "off the record" comments we've both made about the other, and is certainly playing her role as matchmaker to the point that she recommended we spruce up the house some because there's a "good chance" that Sonya will be returning to our lair this evening.

A sliver of payback for all the Mensch I've sent her way, it is. Another thing it is is a whole lot of pressure on me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I've never dated a woman who was not white, and fairly waspy white at that. This was far more by chance than by deliberate planning. Am I even allowed to discuss race? Because I wonder 'what is different', if anything at all.

I'm curious, and now I'm even tickled by it. IT IS Friday, and your friend Journalman is 100% single.

And if I might meet a highly recommended great chick tonight, then it will all be (seem) worthwhile. This is our creed. This is what perks us up at 6 PM on a Friday.

This is the hope of every single NYer at weekend kickoff time.

5:21 p.m. - 2005-11-18


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