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The Move, New Lair, Hung/Tramp Switchback


I'm going to try to journal more frequently. I made that one entry after Belize, and so much has been happening.

All this while, though, I've been doing my daily part to reflect on that feeling of vacation. When I was on the boat for 10 days, a fair part of it was just sitting on deck... with a drink in my hand and taking everything in. There was so much to see, so many great people to talk to, interesting interactions with each other, wildlife and locals. The feeling of vacation, for me, combines cultural/natural beauty with those types of interactions, together with the ability to move at your own pace and internalize it all.

The trip was life-changing in many ways. It was not very long, and it was definitely not the furthest I've been away. But it was very significant, and I have been making sure that it's positive effects are long-lasting.


I moved, for one. Though we had both apartments during March (new and old), I spent each night in the new apartment.

The new apartment is a great space. It's very convenient, close to everything, and most importantly... has an impressively large rear yard. All ours... me and Roommate (same roommate).

By yard, I mean this is Brooklyn, and it is poured concrete instead of grass. There are planting beds and numerous openings in which we can put trees in. Barbeques. Party planned for May 6th, call me if you got my # and.

It's been blissful to move to a new and better space. I purged junk from my 'old apartment' (pre-belizian) and bought new furniture and

I bought a double-knotted hand-made hammock in Belize. Green and white. I plan to use it. Intensely.

I was on vacation, and then I moved apartments. My routine changed.


My commute is now much shorter & more direct. No more going up to come down typa thing. My neighborhood is quiet, distinguished, pretty, and very friendly. Quaint and village-y. The shops, however, seem to close very early. Something strange about that. It's like Amish or something. Right here in the city.

1.5 miles by bicycle to the Bridge. THAT, my friends, has been one of my new habits. I have been riding my bike right up the road, on a quiet street's bicycle lane and riding over the bridge.

Few things are more invigorating than bicycing over a bridge with morning sun framing a postcard view of Manhattan.

I won't ride in the rain, but I think it's a nice goal to ride often enough to where the pay-per-ride metrocard is better for me than the unlimited.

Not that the actual savings would be significant, however being so active to where I've reduced automated transit use to such a degree that value-mathematics dictates a different metrocard buying strategy would be a major accomplishment.

Is that sentence grammatical? If not, can somebody please fix it and post it as a note? (thank you)


Petbuddy made a brief reappearance after Belize, but now is back to being out. In fact, her ingratiating nature was so reflective of 'worse times', that just being around her began to quickly erode the vacation feeling.

With all due respect, Pet, I ain't gonna let nobody strip that feeling away. I don't care how good you are in bed (very).

But guess what? How good in bed she is doesn't mean one goddamn thing... you know why? Cuz I can't bear the thought of even kissing her. She's a seething little pot of venom. And she can’t fight the seether.

I don’t want that life. And I said my “seeyou laters” to her. Roommate recommends a 7-month hiatus. Apparently, she’s had several of these, and they worked very well for her.

We’ll just have to see.

As quickly as Petbuddy is out, Tramp (blast from the past) is back.

Out with the New, In with the Old, I say.

11:13 p.m. - 2006-04-04


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