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Cable Install, Chris Hawaii, Mindians, Marcy, and Brunette/Roommateism

The weekend started out slowly, but picked up in action right through its very end.


I opted to stay late at the office on Friday and work on an important letter. About once every year, a situation arises where a finely-penned letter comes from my desk and works absolute magic.

There was the letter in 2002 that brought in the $ 5 MM construction of a new church & community center.

The year after, I put a loudmouthed and belligerent Anthropologist PhD co-op board president in her place so succinctly and in such a classy way that all parties involved in the even process have continued to give us business.

And this past Friday, I worked on the letter to the Harlem charity that informs them 1) They have been wasting their money with the wrong guy, 2) We're too classy and positive to sit around and impugn another professional, and 3) We're the right guy and to hire us right away.

If they do, it would be a mitzvah. I told my father "the letter can't be good. it has to be LEGENDARY". And I think it is.


9:30 AM introduced the cableman to my apartment for our installation. Apparently there is a difference between 'basic cable' and 'standard cable'.

When roommate said she ordered basic, I thought for sure I would get CNN, Discovery, MTV. I was wrong. All that stuff costs $ 30 EXTRA.

More interesting is their pricing structure for adding simply HBO. Adding just that channel costs the BASIC (lower plan) customer $ 8.95, and $ 13.95 for standard (high plan) customers.

They price on a sliding scale. The more addicted to TV you are, the more expensive apples get for you.

I think TV should be recognized as a legitimate addiction. I don't know why it wouldn't, since 'food addiction' is diagnosed widely as a cause for our obesity crisis in this country. What about insolence? I think TV is equally guilty.

It's a bit price-gougey of the cable company to hit the better-paying customer with higher prices.


Chris Hawaii (CH) has fallen into the category of "annoying, needy, and calls every now and again, usually when she's broke and wants to chill".

I met her once briefly... a friend of Julia's... and hadn't seen her for a long while since. We've been on a textmessage basis.

We've recently hung out twice, and I can safely say we won't hang out any more.

She's one of those people... not-so-bad on the outside (gorgeous to most at first glance), but disgustingly ugly on the inside.

A liar. Weak-willed. Constantly in the mirror, posing. Rattling off nakedly fabricated credentials as if to impress you. Contradicts herself without even noticing. Has had liposuction, and now talks about eating healthy. Continually seeking approval. While stuffing her face with huge pumpkin cupcakes (delicious).

That's about it. She's a mess.

I remember being in my bathroom and NOT REMEMBERING what she looked like. Very wierd, it was. I realized then that I couldn't remember because her face and soul were at polar ends of the beauty spectrum.

We parted at 7 PM.


My mother requested that I convene with our family right outside the city for a little Indian-dancing fest. Julia invited me to a soiree at her apartment. I thought the combination to be intersting enough, and invited Mindy to join. She accepted right away, and we met up promptly.

The festival was for for Navratri. You know, the festival of lights. Lasts 9 days. Existed about 1,500 years BEFORE Hannukah. Yeah. Funny. But true.

Mindy got to meet my whole family. It's always a little exciting when a friend gets to meet 'all of us'. We got there before the actual festivities began, and we had to leave early to get to the city, so we split.

A cabbie wanted to charge us $ 65 for a 3-mile ride back into town. When I said no and we left the cab, he insisted I pay $ 5 for the ride around the block.

If Mindy wasn't there, I'da walked away (and let him get in my face). But I paid five bucks to avoid that altogether. (I did toss the money under his car so he'd have to reach down and get it.)

He cursed us out in Arabic and spit at our feet. After we paid him $ 5 for going 100 feet. Jerk.

Mindy backed out of the Julia party, which worked out fine because my friend Cella appeared out of nowhere and came with me instead. I kind of envied Mindy's choice because I ended up staying out late and wish I were home instead.

I love Julia's place. Always the best time and the best mix of folks.

I love mini-sandwiches. Toasted.


Cella stayed over & we had an amazing brunch today @ Frankie$ 457. Absolutely incredible food.

I took a ride into the city, parted ways with Cella, and painted some moulding in my office that badly needed to be white. It now gleams.

I met up with Mags in the city, rode back to Brooklyn, and finally rode my bike to HER house for dinner tonight.

Delicious. Asparagus, fresh tomato creme soup, and crispy & fresh french bread. Salad. Apple crisps alamode. So, so good.

Her roommate, brunette, was there. She lit up when she saw me (it was mutual) and we talked again.

She asked me right away how my weekend was... you know. As if to keep in CLOSE contact. It's not a normal question.

If youre NOT interested, you ask how somebody IS. Or how DINNER was.

We talked more... again, delving right into deep and meaningful chat, and I mentioned that I would be goinng over there to cook soon.

"Oh, I would LOVE that! You have to make SURE I'm here that day."

Oh, I will.


I don't want to complicate things for Mags while she lives there, and she's also asked me not to.

Melinda the former-roommate made my life plenty complicated by dating my friends.

On my bike ride back, I'd be damned, but tonight Melinda and I crossed paths. We saw each other, kind of smiled, and both looked away.

I was flying down Smith, and she was turning from Warren. Totally strange. That part of town and to see her there.

11:48 p.m. - 2006-10-08


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