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Theft of Girl - (no) Just Cause


That's funny. For a minute there, I thought I had a girlfriend. It turns out I had a girl who wants to by my girlfriend, but literally HAS TO submit to the demands of her incredibly insidious employers and residential hosts. It's a mess, and because of the mess, it is 'over for now'. Which roughly translates to it simply being over.

A most unbelievable set, these people are. They forbade her from seeing me, and have skilfully employed a diabolical triad of creating a hostile work environment for her, eavesdropping, and confrontational interrogation to get her to 'admit' that she's disobeyed them.

Because it's none of their business and they keep making it so, she has rightfully kept our relationship from them. They've discovered it through the use of a social grapevine and now treat her as if they 'caught her in a lie'. So instead of me and my non-Christian ass being their problem de jour, it's 'changes in her character'. Nevermind that her judgment is completely intact.

Nevermind that they don't have the right to see her ACTUAL character. Nevermind that people who abuse you for being honest don't deserve information. If they can't be silenced, they deserve only to be appeased in a manner that preserves the peace and restores social order.

Why do they dislike me so much? It all boils down to Mags, a former friend of mine and roommate of Sweetie's.

Mags never liked the idea of us dating. At first, when she never fully revealed to me that she 'lived and worked' with the same people, she lied and told me Sweetie was off the market. She then asked that I not pursue her, and well, as Woody Allen said, 'the heart wants what the heart wants'. When an enchanting girl like Sweetie returns affections to you, there really is only one option on the table.

Grow up and make this girl yours. They didn't like it one bit.

You see they all work at a faith-based substance rehab center. In her effort to force us apart, Mags did the one thing she knew that would enlist the aid in all her co-workers (company-wide) to do the dirty work.

Mags did me a swift-boat style attack. She took information given to her in confidence and under the terms of friendship, twisted it, magnified it, and turned it into an obedient monster. She met with one or two to high-ranking people and fooled them quickly into believing that I, the friend that she was so close to & saw all time time, am not the best influence, with regards to 'lifestyle' chocies. And that Sweetie would be ill-advised to be around me. Thus the perfect storm was born. Those weren't the only lies. Mags sat me down one day and offered "You don't want to date Sweetie, anyway. Look at how ugly her mother is." I was so embarassed for her. I learned that she also sat Sweetie down and said "You don't want to date Journalman anyway. After all, his parents will never accept you because you're not a doctor or something." She actually represented herself as 1) somebody who even KNOWS my parents (she's met them briefly), and 2) somebody with good advice for a friend. It makes me ill that she did this to me.

While breaks can be fixed, Mags made sure this break came with an insurance policy. She walked into the offices of both the Exec Director and Sweetie's director with with an indictment on me, and they all walked out with a sentencing. That was it. No trial. No discussion, no talking to me about it. Open, shut judgment of the worst kind and it worked brilliantly.

Mags knew from me that I didn't engage in 'immoral behavior # 1' since before Xmas. She even told me she was proud of me for it.

As for 'immoral behavior # 2', she knew I was giving that up to such a degree that she congratulated me on specific actions I'd taken to that end.

Yet she buried the information. She pretended it didn't exist. And she turned the 'let's scare the shit out of them with lies' needle up to its redline.

All she had to do was light the match, toss it in the right direction, and whistle as holy henchmen caused at least 2 good people tremendous pain.


The fact is the top 3 holy henchmen are women who have never had a boyfriend. If Mag's secret sauce of flat-out lies about me and my family didn't do enough damage to me & Sweetie, her convincing the Virgin Patrol that I'm out to get Sweetie's panties was all they needed. Today's Google quote is smart. It says "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." A-men.

They are all ranging from 28 to 34 years of age, and they are all virgins. For real. I’m no scientist, but I’d be willing to argue that there’s something biologically imbalanced about being that age, and not having orgasms. This ‘virgin til marriage’ business occurred when people married at 16, and not 40. If you think you’ve seen biorhythms act in funny ways, imagine the reverberations from 3 thirty-year old virgin women faced with a common ‘enemy’ who happens to be a sex-haver. But I digress.

The actual facts of the matter aside, the notion of fair-trial aside, keeping their gorgeous, eligible friend who is falling in love with me away from me is priority #1.

My favorite line is this "Don't get me wrong, I think he is a great guy. But if you don't tell the boss you're seeing him, I will. And I don't want you to lose your job over this or anything."

From time to time, these heinous so-called 'holy' people embarass the shit out of themselves with renegade and rogue interpretations of the Good Book. But mostly this organization's employees hold true to their central cult-ass principle which is, as testified before the US Congress "basic confrontational evangelism". Yeah you can re-read that. It is straight-up intimidation. Guilt. Blackmail. Duress. Condemnation. Decimating your friends’ happiness with lies. Judgment without trial.

I wonder if they’ll just write each other notes to get out of the St. Peter requirement.

9:09 p.m. - 2007-06-17


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