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Believe it or not, there are some people whoíve never laughed and danced and been merry with an Indian boy.

There definitely are people who are just accustomed to a monochromatic social circle (they only hang out with people of a certain race), to a fault. Many of these people & their families prefer to vacation within USA's borders, and are people who never learned the value of investing dollars in experiencing other cultures. The 'localites', one could call them. Localites are good people; they are just simply less worldly.

My visiting ex-crush of a decade ago (CEC) came this weekend from Philly and brought her localite friend to crash at my apartment with her Fri eve.

Localite? Definitely. But drop-dead gorgeous and a total sweetheart. Definitely something to work with here, people!

I saw her and right away thought she looked like the pre-trashy Britney Spears. As in, phenomenally sexy... curvy, crystalline blue eyes, perfect plump and glossy lips, and every bit the quintessential bombshell. Could stop traffic if she ever wore a sundress.

Barring her hopelessly thick Philly-suburb Localite accent, I was extremely attracted to her. Weak-in-the-knees attracted to her. I also knew that without CEC introducing us, sheíd never give me a second look.

So my jokes were extra-funny. Extra American, in a non-political and agreeable way, even. Especially entertaining to strangers is when I, as somebody who does not speak English with a foreign accent, bust out and do impressions of an 'Indian' accent, for the record. One might think it's simplistic, but people with doctorates have lemonade come out of their proverbial noses when I pronounce the word 'capacity' as my grandfather did.

I brought the girls to Turntables on the Hudson river to meet my motley crew of regulars.

We were hungry, and Jules showed up like an angel with sandwiches from her restaurant for me and my 2 friends. Iím really lucky to have good friends that also happen to be wonderful people.

I believe that a person can be judged by not only the company they keep, but also by the quality of their friendships with multiple people from all walks of life.

This Britneychick, who'd never clinked glasses with an Indian boy ever before (and previously would have dismissed the scenario as 'unlikely'), began to see me in a much more open-minded light, and began to express interest. She would look over... and keep her look for a second or two longer than normal. She began to nod at me, walk with me, offer to come out and dance with me. Just merely speaking to her would elicit an incredibly sultry Ďcome-hitherí look, the likes of which I donít think Iíve ever seen.

In the game of seduction, there is weakness in being a Localite. You just might get caught off guard and open your mind. Widely.

Even though CEC made certain that despite our history, weíre gonna be Ďjust friendsí (ok with me), CEC began to get visibly jealous of my banter with Britneychick.

We spent the evening on the river, with a brisk breeze, incredible music, and a shared cocktail of sexual tension, wonder, and forbidden desire. My new favorite drink.


Ever sleep with a houseguest you just met that same day?

Ever try to keep it quiet because the mutual friend is sleeping out in the living room?

Ever have incredible, kissing & reciprocity-filled, mutual body-rocking, multi-orgasmic sex you swear is intensified by how Ďbadí you are being?

Ever wake up a few hours later and find the jealous-from-night-before mutual friend sleeping next to you? Cuddling up to you?

And then have quiet, hushed, secretive, (protected) sex with the friend, TOO?


Itís a Saturday. Iím staying in.

There canít possibly be anything crazier in this city of NY than last night/this morning.

Iím hungry, and I wish I had a local friend that I could call on a whim and grab a bite with. Lord knows this neighborhood gets tricky to eat in after a certain hour, and Iím craving falafel.

10:27 p.m. - 2006-09-30


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